New projects

Last time i've updated my personal website was in 2018, I forgot about it, now it's the time to update it again with some new projects I work on.
I've closed IllusionCloud for a lot of reasons, the main one was that I didn't had enough time to maintain it and answer my clients, but now I'm reopening it with a new strategy in mind.
I've been working hard to develop a fast and efficient way to drop DDoS or DoS attacks and the I found the gamechanger, BPF (Berkeley Packet Filter) it's a technology that can analyze traffic in an efficient manner.
XDP (eXpress Data Path) is an eBPF based high performance data path merged in the Linux kernel, it provides a really interesting feature which allows you to drop packets at a rate that no other technology allows you to do that, being very efficient while doing that.
I wrote conditions in C and then compiled it and attached it to the interface I was using to find out that it's working how it was intended to work, that was the moment when I started working on some filtering algorithms in C that can filter a lot of attacks that even big companies couldn't.
Grafana was helping me along the way to monitor my traffic and to improve my filtering rules that I wrote, now IllusionCloud is ready to be opened again with even better filtering for our clients gameservers/applications.