Custom linux kernel installation

Custom linux kernels are made for high throughput and low latency at all time, sacrificing performance and removing functions or improving functions from the linux kernel to achieve better overall performance.

I've choosen the Liquorix custom linux kernel to install on a Proxmox node running the latest stable kernel version, in my case I was needing IPMI access in case of kernel change failure I can rollback to my old stable kernel.

The installation is pretty straight forward, I've just downloaded the latest stable version of Liquorix and I've installed it on my Proxmox node, after installing the Liquorix kernel a GRUB update was needed so I can boot into my new kernel.

After restarting the dedicated server I've booted into my new kernel version.

The kernel update to this optimized version could be felt after a couple of days where the server total load went up with no changes and I've also noticed on my monitoring statistics the much more stable latency.